Prague Royal View Apartments -

House and Garden

A little bit history about house

Our residence – Royal View Apartments, is located in the most beautiful part of Prague – the Lesser Town. It is the most romantic area in the whole city of Prague stretching from the Vltava River banks right up to the Prague Castle. In this part of Prague you can also find Prague’s Eiffel Tower – Petrin.

The House at the White Drop was originally a big, gothic building, however, during the Hussite Wars in 1420, it was demolished and then rebuilt about 60 years later into a smaller house. In June 1541 there was a big fire in the Lessertown. 155 buildings burnt to the ground, leaving only 78 buildings remaining. After the fire and another restoration process, the house acquired its Renaissance appearance. The current and final house style is Baroque.

On the house´s facade, you can find the bust of a very famous Czech painter Jan Zrzavý, who lived here for the last 16 years of his life. You can view his paintings inside the residence.
The current owner is a Czech family that honors the spirit of the historical house and wants to preserve it as much as possible.
As the name of the street implies, our residence lies beneath the Prague Castle – one of the largest castles in Europe.
On the ground floor there are two shops selling Czech historical glass and Christmas decorations, where you can buy a nice gift.

The house has a courtyard and will soon have a wine bar with a barbecue area, where you can escape the heat in summer. There are beautiful terraced gardens with outdoor seating, umbrellas and a wifi connection. The most pleasant surprise for everyone who visits the house and enters the gardens through the backyard is the magnificent view of the city. It will take your breath away. So it did during our first visit!

There is no lift because the house is a protected historical building of the Lesser Town and it is not allowed to build one there.

Warning: We do not recommend large and heavy luggage. The entrance to the residence is by „Castle Stairs“ and there is no elevator in the residence (3 floors). If you are elderly or have a disability and you need assistance, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.


Our garden

Our garden lies directly below the Prague Castle Gardens with a beautiful view of the city. It is on the top of the hill where our guests can pick delicious wild grapes up.

The garden has three terraces and it is quite steep, so please be cautious and do not leave your kids unattended. The terrain can be slippery after the rain.

There is available outdoor shower. Blankets, umbrellas and yoga mats are available at the guest´s disposal.

Blankets are available for you at the garden entrance.

View from the garden